Remember the 90’s? Well Do You?

Last Saturday I went with a couple of friends and my sister to the “Remember the 90’s” concert featuring Keith Sweat, SWV, Mint Condition, K.C. & JoJo with special guest, Whodini, MC Lyte and Silk. Did I get them all? One. Two. Three. Six. Seven. Yeah, whew that’s all of them. When we heard this line up was coming, there was absolutely no question of whether or not we were going. The question was…when we getting tickets?

Okay, so I wanted to be comfortable and it was hot, so I wore one of my fairly new Lane Bryant maxi dresses. Back story. I haven’t bought anything from LB in a while. One. My credit card is finally paid down. Two. I’ve honestly been unhappy with their quality and prices. I loved this dress and decided to give LB another shot. It was on sale.

Did LB do me wrong? YES! The night of the concert, I noticed on a few areas of the dress the fabric are so thin you can see right through it. I can see the areas becoming holes if not properly cared for. It’s mainly on the black stripe of the fabric. This was only the second time wearing the dress and you don’t see it on first glance. But people this dress was $90! I did get it for 40% off, but still. I stopped going to LB the last time because I got a shirt with sequins and don’t you know the sequins fell off as I took the shirt out of the bag. Ugh.

I showed my friend at the concert. Her response…“that’s why I don’t *$#@ with Lane Bryant”.

I love the dress though. The quality…ugh..Lane Bryant, we have to do better.



Dress: Lane Bryant Sandals: Payless Shoe Source Necklace: Charming Charlies

So now the concert. It was GREAT, but it had it’s highs and lows. It was super long. We left at 1 a.m. and it still wasn’t done. Keith was still begging on stage. He sounds like a pervy uncle by the way. But hey…everybody loves Keith!

Highs: K.C. & JoJo with special guest which was another member of Jodeci. I’m still sketchy on which one it was…Devonte’ or Mr. Dalvin? I don’t know, but I almost passed out from jammin’ to 90’s Jodeci: the greatest male R&B group of all time but fell off because of their personal issues. Which brings me to my lows…

tumblr_m12kroHnpH1qa9yvvo2_r1_250K.C.’s piggyback ride on the security’s shoulder as he sang “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”. I can’t deal with his grown ass clenching the security guard with his feet. Like I can’t. It reminded me of that Dave Chappelle skit when he was Puff doing “Making the Band”. Make a secondary or longer stage. I still can’t.

So they’re done with the Jodeci portion of their set, and K.C. & JoJo leave for a moment. They comeback and start with their finale, “All My Life”. I have no idea what happened from song one to song 10, or if they didn’t do rehearsals, or if they’re not prepared for the touring life or if they got some candy back stage…BUT the last song was HORRIBLE. Couldn’t carry a note or a tune. Many of us in the audience was like…what the hell?

I wish SWV was on the stage longer. They barely touched their catalog. I would rather see more of them and less of MC Lyte. I love the Lyte, but her performance was really uneventful. She did some of her earlier hip hop and left off her party anthems, like “Cold Rock a Party”. She also did a shorten version of “Ruffneck”, but the whole version and then some of “Georgie Porgie”. I would’ve liked to see that time go to another act.

Mint Condition needs to tour on their own. I could listen to them all night. Whodini made me want to do the Kid N Play…but I got too much on top to be bouncing around like that.

Overall it was a wonderful concert. I’m still considering the New Edition, Dru Hill and Kem concert during Indiana Black Expo. I’ll be in the house for 93.9 The Beat’s throwback concert with Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Color Me Badd and ’em.

I can’t believe it’s been 25-30 years for some of these acts. Whew…I’m getting old. What throwback concerts are you going to this summer?


Woman Talk: The Unhappy Uterus

I wanted kids when I was younger. Three kids in fact. Three kids (boys), a husband, a couple of dogs with a white picket fenced house in Atlanta, Ga. Working at as a broadcast journalist for Headline News.

As I got older and ish got real, I re-evaluated my life goals. I instead had no kids of my own, a very independent and brash niece, a video gamer boo, a turtle, in a rental house in Indianapolis, IN. Working as a financial aid representative at a university and a PR babe on the side.

Yeah, all that threw me for a loop too.

I always told myself, if I didn’t have children by 32, I wouldn’t have kids. I didn’t want the risk of having a child at an older age. I didn’t want to be an old parent. My patience is wearing thin. I hate and have no tolerance for pain or childbirth. Baby mama daddy drama fills the air around me. So when my Ob-Gyn told me I would have to have a hysterectomy one would think it wouldn’t bother me so much…but it has.

I originally went to the doctor because for over a year I would get the flu around the time my aunt came to town. (Don’t act like you’ve never heard that expression.) Tired of being laid up for a week a month and draining all of my sick time, I went to my primary care physician who saw nothing wrong with me…except anemia. But also interested to see why I was in her office about once a month, she referred me to a specialist.

A vaginal ultrasound later I was told I had three fibroids; the two smaller ones (still hefty in size) were in the muscle of my uterus and the larger sitting on top of my uterus. All making my other organs and bodily functions very uncomfortable and cramp.

With the three visitors, my cheeky uterus has now tripled in size. I thought I looked three months preggers because of fat only. Yes, I gots some jelly in the belly, but there’s also some unwanted guest. Because the fibroids are almost destined to come back and I don’t plan on having any children (I’m not getting any younger), my doctor and I set up a plan to have a partial hysterectomy. Take the uterus and leave the ovaries…unless they’re unsalvageable once she starts snipping and poking.


Picture from

Let’s talk a little about fibroids. Fibroids, according to the Mayo Clinic, are non-cancerous growths that can develop in and around the uterus. I had the symptoms, but I attributed them to getting older. You always here…your body changes as you age. Symptoms are heavy periods, extreme cramping, urge to urinate, painful sex, etc. They’re common especially in African American women. Don’t get all Web MD on me. If you have any of these symptoms talk to your doctor.

So my surgery is scheduled for September and I’m going nucking futs with emotion. I also have some other tinkerings down in the nether regions, but I think this post is too long already. From now until September, I’m trying to get ready spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally to have these parasites removed.

I’m also kinda sad. As I said before, I had a timeline for children. It was my choice whether or not to conceive. Now that choice has been taken from me. I’m no longer the crazy aunt that didn’t want kids. I’m the crazy aunt that can’t have kids. ”

SSSSHHH…that’s Aunt Nelly, yeah she’s a cat lady cause she’s barren and couldn’t have kids” they’ll say as I throw cats at them like the Cat Lady in The Simpsons.

I feel a little broken. Not spiritually, but mentally and physically. Then there’s the general fear of the surgery itself and the recovery. That’s not counting taking time off from work, school and other obligations I have for four to eight weeks. I will talk about that foolishness next week.

Just be prepared a lot of my Wednesday post will be how I’m preparing positively myself for surgery.




Weekend Warrior: PATTERN’s Street Expo

Every weekend is really busy for me. To get back into the blogging habit, I decided to restart documenting my weekend activities. Hopefully this will get me out of the blogging dead zone I’ve been experiencing.

13413434_1090774757646099_1139812543_nThis past Saturday, June 18th, was PATTERN’s first (and hopefully not the last) Street Expo highlighting various street wear and street style fashion designers in Indianapolis and the Midwest.

According to Julia Rutland, owner of Aesthetic Design Style House, when PATTERN began it’s storefront on Mass Ave. in Downtown Indy, it had a lot of inquiries from street wear designers about carrying their brands. With too little space and an overwhelming response, the fashion hub couldn’t carry all the brands, but wanted to still bring awareness. Street Expo was born.

Street Expo gave local street wear designers an opportunity to sell their brands, network with other brand moguls and exposure on PATTERN’s blog. What did I buy you ask? I purchase a t-shirt from designing company, Shue’ Clothing Co. which I will wear in a future blog post.

DreamStyle Media’s own Tracy James, designer and creative director of the J2 Collection and Julian Semaj’s Bow Ties, also participated.


Tracy James of the J2 Collection & Julian Semaj Bow Ties

I hope the Indy fashion community continues to embrace street wear designers and other non-couture fashion brands. Indianapolis is heading for rebirth and it’s exciting to see new and not so new players in the game.

For more information on PATTERN and what brands participated in the Street Expo, go to PATTERN’s website.

#WCW: World Conquering Women – Ronic

Happy Wednesday! Doing some work and watching the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. I love this show…but maybe last season was better. I’m on episode seven of a mini binge. We’ll see what I think of it once I’m done.

Today’s #WCW is someone I’ve known since high school. I remember when we (with the aid of my Mom) skipped school thinking we won McDonald’s Monopoly million dollar prize. LOL. We didn’t but it’s one of my favorite memories of high school.

Ronic West is a woman always on the move and is a constant advocate for small business. For these reasons, and more she’s today’s #WCW.

Name: Ronic West

Occupation/Business: Entrepreneur|Consultant|Community Advocate & Founder of R3unlimited, LLC. R3Unlimited was founded in 2014.

Ronic West is a single mom of a college student who has worked in corporate America forDSC_1492-2 over 20 years.  She loves being at the beginning of a new development, solving problems, and helping others to achieve a higher goal through process improvement. Her experience is diverse and includes payroll, implementation, project management, leadership, business process improvement, consulting and she as a strong essence for helping others. In 2009, she help to create R&R Photography coaching her business partner through branding and networking to grow her first business which she sold to her partner so she can focus all efforts on R3unlimited, LLC which was established April 13, 2014.

Ronic is originally from Indianapolis, IN, but also resided in Memphis, TN and currently lives in Augusta, GA. She holds a fundamental payroll certification, six sigma & lean processing training, experiences in Kaizen, and also graduated with a degree in business. Ronic created R3unlimited, LLC with the idea of helping others. R3unlimited, LLC as a truly unique concept on helping entrepreneurs through branding, consulting, and management. R3unlimited, LLC is here to provide a way to structure a sound business from conception through our resources and expertise.  Our unique component is we provide opportunities to beginning entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs in building their business through education, workshops, events, networking, online store, and the opportunity to acquire multiple streams of income for business costs and start up. R3unlimited will eventually grow into a full scale venture capitalists firm that will be your expert in non-traditional funding.

7907f26cd3b32b9b58d848cffb632a91_143463185499054Ronic held her first two networking events with a twist in 2015 hosted by the Real Momma Dee from “ATL’s Love & Hip Hop”. One was held in Atlanta, GA and the other in Augusta, GA. This included people in her network from the states of Tennessee, Indiana, and Georgia. She as a natural gift of being able to bring like minds together and help them grow. Ronic is also the Communication Executive for the Young Democratic of Richmond County and sits on the Trustee Board for the Richmond County libraries. She was awarded, in January 2015, $1000 grant from the “Worth the Investment Initiative” from Arnita Johnson CEO of AMB Credit Services and received an Shero in Business awards in March of 2015 from Cher’s Best Sisters Only club for her efforts in the community. Ronic will be featured in Urban Release (national online magazine) and CSRA local (Local print magazine) first quarter editions released in early 2016. This as all occurred in less than two years of being in business. R3unlimited, LLC goal is to be you’re behind the scenes specialists and their philosophy is no limits.

Ronic understand that her life experiences, knowledge, and expertise is truly unique and her life will be used to help individuals and businesses grow. Ronic knows that if you first believe, plan, then work anything is possible. Yes adversity will come but if stay focused she promises you will hit your goals.  She lives her life of the principle of “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Why did you start your company/foundation/project? I realized after working my heart out in corporate America for 20 years that somethings will never change and I would never reach my true potential. This was a hard wake up call and difficult to accept. We as African American women face many challenges which including but not limited to over being worked/under paid, undervalued, discrimination, and lack of promotional opportunities. This is truly why African American women are currently the fastest growing entrepreneur group. I started my company to challenge the status quo among venture capitalist, show you can be a socially conscious company, and still be profitable. Now I will take all my knowledge, expertise, and skills and acquire more knowledge to ensure this trend continues. Even though we are leading in education and business growth we are doing this with extremely limited to barely no resources when compared to other ethic groups and R3unlimited, LLC is here to change that.

What is the goal of your company/foundation/project? To be one of the top venture capitalist firms owned by an African American woman in the country.

Who is your female idol/mentor? (Dead or alive) I currently don’t have an idol or mentor, but I am truly inspired by the following business owners: Arnita Johnson-Hall owner of AMB Credit Consultants, Dionna Owens owner of Sewnatural, Amanda Williamson owner of Ennyluap, Andromeda Raheem Founder of Women by Choice, LLC. These women are all business owners I have encountered over the last nine years; they reached their goals no matter the adversity in their lives. Some of them boot strapped their businesses which is how R3unlimited is being built. These are stories I can personally relate to. These women entrepreneurs prove anything is possible if you put your mind to it and if you never give up no matter what comes your way.

Do you consider yourself a feminist? No but I am an advocate of women empowerment.

What projects are in your future? Continued growth and R3unlimited will co-create it’s first women empowerment event this year.

Last words? If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

You can follow Ronic on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram at @r3unlimited and her website.

If you want to participate or nominate a woman for #WCW: World Conquering Women, email rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.

#WCW: World Conquering Women – Nicole

Yes, last week I forgot to post the #WCW: World Conquering Women for the week. Heck, I almost forgot today. Grinding. I’ve met so many new people within the last few weeks it’s unreal. Everyone with their stories and everybody on their grind. My circle is not changing…it’s upgrading and I love it!


Today’s #WCW is Nicole Kearney, Writer/Producer/Director, Chief Creative Officer of Nicole Kearney Productions, Inc. I met Nicole while working on one of our client’s PR campaign. She has her hands in MANY projects including a just announced 2017 Mother’s Day production in collaboration with Demarco Plays. More on that in the near future.

Name: Nicole Kearney

Occupation/Company: Writer/Producer/Director, Chief Creative Officer of Nicole Kearney Productions, Inc Nicole Kearney Productions, Inc. was founded in 2008 in Indianapolis, IN with the vision to be a global entertainment company that creates and distributes original content for stage, screen and streaming.

Nicole Kearney“My Great Grandmother Ruth P. Fox used to take me to Broadway plays and musicals as a child. When I turned eight, she gave me a diary, a Ziggy diary. She saw in me my future. She set me on the path to my purpose. My parents, Dennis and Virginia Kearney made sure I stayed on path. They sent me to writing classes, camps and continually encouraged me. They never told me that being a writing wasn’t a ‘real’ career. I’m eternally grateful for this. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Them, my brothers and sister and children support and encourage me.

I started my company after years of working with theaters and self-producing plays and a documentary. I knew I’d be growing into various media arenas and wanted to have an infrastructure to handle it.”

Who is your female idol/mentor? (Dead or alive) “My Great Grandmother Ruth (deceased) my mom, Virginia Kearney and my Grandmother Doris Wilburn. Business wise – Issa Rae, Numia Perrier of Black & Sexy TV, both are at the forefront of the digital streaming media explosion.”

Do you consider yourself a feminist? “I consider myself a womanist, as coined by Alice Walker.The definition is ‘pertaining to a type of feminism that acknowledges the abilities and contributions of black women. Believing in and respecting the abilities and talents of women;acknowledging women’s contributions to society.”

NK_Network(new)What projects are in your future? “I’ve launched an online streaming TV network, Nicole Kearney Productions Network (NKPN) at, we’re streaming shows that people want to watch, when they want to watch them. Couple Conversations Season 1 and Tax Season are streaming now. Blazing up 4/20 @ 4:20 p.m. is Kush Cafe series. In July, Couple Conversations Season 2 begins. In August, Grown & Beautiful, our sexy & steamy soap opera debuts. Rounding out the year is The Underground Lounge, an unscripted show featuring hip hop artists and poets from around the globe.”

“We ask people to Watch. Share. Subscribe. as we work to bring more diverse and more female driven stories to the African American community.”

You can follow Nicole and Nicole Kearney Production Network online on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and her website

Don’t forget if you want to be featured on #WCW: World Conquering Women, contact me rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.


The Year of the Cat – Happy BD Granny

2016 has been a year of ups and downs. It’s been a plethora of celebrations and mournings. I started the year in a positive whirlwind; stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to the limits. Then the week of February 14th, my family’s life would forever be altered.

Growing up it was just me, my younger sister, my Mom and Granny. We lived together. Celebrated together. Took care of each other. And sometimes struggled together.

My Granny went blind in her 30’s. Her mother and husband died within a month


Granny in her teens in front of her house in Mississippi

of each other; around the same time her health started declining. As she got older, the list of health problems increased; sarcoidosis, multiple strokes, back problems and a host of other minor illnesses. But with all that…it NEVER kept her down. She traveled routinely. Always was front and center for any church sign up. Ran multiple food collection charities. Had multiple boo thangs. All while keeping all of us in check. She is and will always be the strongest woman I will ever know.

I don’t remember when it happened, but suddenly Granny’s mobility started to suffer. She began to become forgetful. She was unable to do things for herself. My mother couldn’t take care of her by herself; so began the endless cycle of crazy thieving nurses. When the care became too much for the Mom to bear, we had to put Granny in a nursing home.

Then the big words you never want to hear…DEMENTIA…ALZHEIMER’S. We sat back and watched this strong vocal woman first lose her mind…then lose her voice.


Last year at my Mom’s Birthday Day Mini Party

I remember last year during one of her lucid moments, she told me she was tired. She was tired of living this way. Tired of going from being in her right mind one minute to screaming uncontrollably the next. I remember telling her if she was ready she could go home. She told me she was worried about my Mom. “Who will take care of her?” I assured her I would. That was one of the last times I spoke to my Granny. The woman I spoke to after was just a shell.

Fast forward to the week of February 14th. Granny had her last stroke. She stopped eating (and Granny could eat y’all). She stopped drinking. She stopped talking and yelling. The night before she died, I sat with her and again told her it’s okay if she’s ready to go home. She can go. I promised we’ll be okay. I promised I’ll take care of Mom. I told her I loved her and thanked her for all she’s done for me.

The next day I got there told her I loved her, thanked her, kissed her forehead and rubbed her soft hands as she took her last breathe. I kept saying she’s gone as I made the phone calls to my close family. But I somehow in that instant found the strength to stop crying and start carrying for my Mom…like I promised.


Granny and one of her boos, Mr. Bob, in the 80’s on a cruise ship

February 18, 2016 is the day the earth lost an amazing woman, but heaven gained a warrior. This past weekend, April 9th and 10th (yes my Granny had two birth dates. Long story.), Granny would’ve been 80 years old. So this past weekend we celebrated the life of Evelyn “Cat” Cissell.

I live my life in honor of my Granny.

Love you Granny. Miss you. Yes, I’m going to church. Lol. And Mom is okay.


WCW: World Conquering Women – Nichole

Happy last Wednesday of March. Hello April, y’all! I’m so excited for spring. The trees and are blooming. Birds chirping in the morning. The bugs….well not the bugs. I’ve already seen the biggest mosquito I’ve ever seen in my life. Mosquitoes love me too. I think because there’s more space to conquer. Not sure. But time to start investing in my bug spray.

Enough of my chatter, in conjunction with DreamStyle Media, I bring you this week’s #WCW: World Conquering Women. I’ve know Nichole for awhile now through a mutual friend. I just knew her as someone super awesome in the hair and beauty field. Since she’s started her blog, WhimsNichole, I’ve been overwhelmed by her talent. Nichole answered my #WCW questions for the week.

janellepic2Name: Nichole Lewis

Occupation/Foundation/Company: I do many things! Lol! I’m a Blogger, Minister, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Professional Hair Designer/MUA (makeup artist). I’m VERY active in EVERY one of those aspects!

When did your blog, WhimsNicole, begin? Even though was launched last month, the project was in the making for almost two years.  It took time, and strategic planning to map out how I wanted my content to be displayed.  After prayer, thinking, and burning the midnight oil, was finally launched on February 16, 2016!

logo-dec2“I started because I wanted a place where my creativity could be free.  My goal was to not only have creative freedom for myself, but to also use my blog as a platform to help others by showcasing their unique talent and abilities.  It’s also to help create an “I can” attitude and hopefully inspire my readers to try new things.  I always say, “If you have good information you should share it” and what good are gifts and talents if you don’t share, or use them to help others?”

“I use a play on words to describe my multi-fascinated personality, and even as a child I was led by a creative and caring mind.  I would see something beautiful and think, “I can make that”. Or see someone hurting and think, “I want to help them” and I’m thankful that God blessed me with gifts to be able to help, inspire, and create.  I’ve been using those gifts for over 7 years within Ministry, Life Coaching, and through my inspiration workshop “Love Thyself.”; a workshop that I started over 6 years ago that focuses on helping women to see and love themselves as Christ sees and love them. The same gifts flow within my hair and makeup artistry, and I feel very blessed to be able to integrate them all in order to be a blessing to others.  All of those gifts including sewing, cake decorating, and my love for people make up  who I am. I love being able to share what God has given me to the world.  I’m also a wife, mother, and animal lover who truly loves my family. I can’t thank the Lord enough for what He has done, and doing in my Life.  I love to laugh and I spend a lot of time cracking jokes, but that’s only because I love to see people smiling and happy.”

Who is your female idol/mentor (Dead or Alive)? Wow, that is a very hard question because I’ve been blessed to have some amazing women in my life; but it would be a mixture of my aunt, Hazel Kelly, and an awesome woman named Michele Ware.  My aunt taught me how to be an me2assertive person and how to find and use my voice.  I met Michele Ware while working in a spa many years ago.  She traveled the world, met amazing people, but was tangible. Her encouraging words from back then are still helping me to this day.  Michele taught me that being gracious is a choice and within that choice lives the blessing.  I love them both.

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Good question, but another hard one because the word feminist can have a totally different meaning; all depending on the person. When compared to early feminism, 2016 feminism has changed drastically because women have come a long way.  Now, just because I say this doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant of the fact that there are still some gender equality issues, nor do I feel that just because woman have made some awesome strides that we should stop empowering women, but ultimately empowerment should be based upon humanity, and not just on being “female”.  I believe we should positively invest into others, regardless of gender, in hopes that our efforts would create unity within this world, and potentially rise up stronger more grounded leaders for our society.   So, am I a feminist? Maybe yes, and maybe no.  It truly depends on the perception of the word.

What projects are in your future? There are some amazing projects coming up, but I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise because I will be blogging about them. I will say that I’ll be working with some amazing people within the community to help bring awareness concerning wellness.  I also have several speaking engagements in the works and some future classes coming up.  Once again, I can’t go into detail, but all upcoming event information will be posted on my blog and social media platforms.

Nichole is available for speaking engagements, life coaching and special events. Her Love Thyself workshops can be taught at your church or organization’s function or event. For more information about Nichole Lewis, her WhimsNichole blog and her Love Thyself workshops, contact her at whimsnichole1 (at) gmail (dot)com.

Next Week’s #WCW: Samantha Pounds

Remember if you want to nominate yourself or someone for #WCW: World Conquering Women, email me at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.

What I bought this week…

So lately I’ve been buying something just about every week. I can do that, I just paid off my car. #nojudgementzone I’m going to post things I happen to buy while I’m out and about.

The pictures will be raw. Sometimes in my backyard. Sometimes in a fitting room. Unpolished. No makeup. Just me. Of course I’ll post pics of me slaying and being fierce, but I’m not fierce all the time. I’m only fierce like 10% of the time. Maayybbee 5%. Life is not a photo shoot.

Notice it’s called “What I BOUGHT this week”. I bought these things with my money. I’m not sponsoring or endorsing anyone. Now if people want to start throwing clothes at me to feature…by all means…DO IT! Thank you in advance.

1044080_1026925430701381_1578754568202114201_nI got my hair did this week. The woman taking care of my locs is Uzuri Asad of Mayasa Design Studio. Uzuri and her family are little rays of sunshine and getting my hair done is like chillin at a cousin’s house. But not only does she do hair…NO…she has the nerves to do jewelry too! And she hooked me up to her clip on earring scene.

Now I’ve had my ears pierced three times. They close up. One time in college, I lost my post inside of my ear. Literally my body just absorbed the earring like water on a paper towel. As I got older, I just resolved to not wear earrings…cute ones anyways. I can hardly ever find cute clip ons. Until now! Almost ALL of Uzuri’s earrings can be made into clip ons. She made the cutest ones last week and she converted them while I waited. So now I have an earring goddess. I’ll never let go.


I also bought the cutest necklace from her last month. I’ve been wearing the heck out of this necklace. Her little ones made the paper cone. Love it. Want to look at more of Uzuri Asad’s handmade pieces, go to Mayasa Design House’s website,


I got a new job in January and I really need to step my business attire game up. My mother is a Dress Barn fanatic. Of course, I wasn’t trying to hear her. “That store is for old ladies, Mom.” But she took me this week to look around. I have a book tour in April and May with one of my clients, and I needs me somethings to wear.

To my surprise, I bought five dresses. One on clearance and the others I put in layaway. Yes, I said layaway. Do not hate! While some of y’all using crazy amounts of credit. I’m trying to be more practical and pay my cards off. Don’t be a slave to credit. (enough on that crazy) This clearance dress was originally $60, but I bought it for $24. Yeah boyee. I love it! And it has pockets…AAAAAHHHH! (just trying it on… outfit not complete)



Dress Barn has a dress sale until the first weekend of April. Get there and put some stuff in layaway. And if you’re really nice, the cashiers may hook you up with the 20% coupon code even if you don’t have the coupon. Ask and be nice. And no I’m not telling who cause I ain’t no snitch.



WCW: World Conquering Women – Michelle

Happy Wednesday!

Last Wednesday RL views soared due to #WCW: World Conquering Women. We’re going to keep it going. Remember if you know a woman that’s conquering the world, no matter how big or how small, submit her to be featured.

This week RL, in conjunction with DreamStyle Media, is featuring entrepreneur Michelle L. Anderson, president and CEO of Lovelogical. Lovelogical is a non-profit organization that promotes blended families. Anderson and the organization believes the words: blended, foster, step, adopted and extended families can have negative connotations. The word Lovelogical reinforces positivity to all families biological or non-biological.

I asked Michelle about her life, mission and what Lovelogical means.

12208524_1092409287449969_7925714584533933469_n“I, Michelle (Donelson) Anderson, was born into a blended (Lovelogical) family. My mother, Phyllis, had 4 children from a previous marriage. My father, Lonnie, raised my siblings with the same fatherly love given to me.

I did not even realize my daddy was not my siblings biological father until I was around 7 or 8. The only way I found out was because I overheard a conversation and asked questions.  My mother informed me that rather we had the same biological father or not we are brother and sister. Not half anything. My father was and will always be daddy. There were no step parents in our home.

The look in my mothers eyes instilled her lessons within me.  It stuck and remained a part of who I am today. Little did I know this would be my first experience with Lovelogical – My home, my family, was a Lovelogical union.

My family was filled with problems and issues like other families. However, we had an overabundance of love. When my siblings reached adulthood and moved out of the house my mother decided to utilize the space to help others.

At first, she opened a licensed day care center with some of the kids becoming more like her own than children she was watching for their parents.  My mother found that one of the day care kids was being taken away from her parents. Somehow this encouraged my mother to start the process of opening our home to foster children.

Through the years we had many foster children join our household. Some stayed for a brief period of time. Others long enough to learn life lessons that stayed with them until adulthood. Some stories joyful and others sad. Either way their lives changed through the love received within my parents home and my mothers arms.”

Lovelogical8Why did you start your foundation? “I truly want to irradiate negative thoughts and feelings begining with the words step, foster, play and adopted. There are so many positive and caring Lovelogical families and pets.  Love is by choice. DNA NOT REQUIRED®”

What is the goal of your foundation? “To see the word Lovelogical define non-biological relationships worldwide. To see it be a symbol of unconditional love for not just families, but businesses and pets too.”

Who is your female idol/mentor? (Dead or alive) “My mother who is deceased. I idolize her because she knew what genuine relations and love was all about. Without Phyllis there would be no Michelle. That is enough within itself for me to idolize her.”

Do you consider yourself a feminist? “Yes, I am a balanced feminist. I believe in the successes and activism of women. Will advocate for fair wages and equal rights in many instances. Primarily corporate America. I also believe in women supporting the growth of men and not overpowering their men at home. A future conversation.”

What projects are in your future? “Lovelogical Pets coming soon.”

Lovelogical is a client of DreamStyle Media. I’ll be working with Michelle and her organization very closely. You’ll hear a lot more from Lovelogical. In the meantime, if you are in a Lovelogical family and would like to learn more about the organization or have your Lovelogical story featured in their blogs and newsletters, contact Michelle at info (at) lovelogical (dot) com.

Next week’s #WCW: Blogger & Entrepreneur Nichole Lewis

#WCW: World Conquering Women – Carmen

So my blog post have been sporadic. I know I know…consistency. I hope to start blogging at least twice a week. People that follow me on social media knows I got a new job with DreamStyle Media. Shortly after that my Granny took a turn for the worse and passed away last month. I’m going to do a post on Granny soon. Just not today. I already had my cry for today completing thank you cards from the funeral. Maybe next week.

Today we’re going to honor women everywhere and from now until I feel like I’ve exhausted all the glorious women of the world (never happen)…we are going to do a segment called #WCW: World Conquering Women. I’m surrounded myself with so many beautiful and determined women, I have to feature them. So in conjunction with DreamStyle Media, we present #WCW.

On this #WCW, we’re featuring screenwriter, producer and director Carmen Jameson, owner of the film productions company, CMJ Productions, LLC. I’m so excited to be working with Carmen doing publicity for her upcoming film, Gambling With Life. I got to ask Carmen some questions about her company and what drives her to be successful.

Name: Carmen Jameson


“My current occupation is an Eligibility Analyst for Hewlett Packard Enterprises. The company I own and cherish is  CMJ Productions, LLC where I serve as the CEO and founder. I started my company December of 2015.  I started my own company because it was a personal goal of mine. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs both father and mother side.  My story really go all the way back to my great cousin named Gletus R. Hardiman which was my grandfather, Horace Hardiman’s, first cousin and a book titled: “Hole in the head: A life Revealed”.  A story that talks about a medical experimentation that affected my grandfather and his siblings.

As you can see I am destined to be successful. My goal now is to tell a different story. The beginning chapter starts with being exposed to the “bad” or “ugly” side of life.  I grew up in a under privilege neighborhood on the west side of Indianapolis.  Later my family relocated to the far east side of town where we experienced more drug activity and violence; anything you would want your children to be shielded from.  I’m grateful those things I was exposed to birthed something inside me, which was writing. Closing myself off inside a nice quiet space to write inside my personal diary was a way for me to take a mental break due to my reality being so chaotic. Poetry became my first love because the words I transferred onto paper came from a place of pain.


I set forth a goal and vision for my company way before I became a company. My Mission {is to} to bring awareness of the greatness that is inside of each human being by providing an avenue of self-discovery, self-development and supportive connections through the arts within CMJ Productions, LLC.

Female mentors? I have two female mentors, Darlene Burns author of “Midnight Comes with the Dawn”. She’s what I call a true philanthropist. Stacy Fox-Uwadie, genuine soul, motivator and exhorter to those around her. I admire the energy of love and support these two women embody.


Would you label yourself a feminist? Yes, I would label myself as a feminist because I do believe women should have the same opportunities that are given to men.  I don’t see where women should have to be paid differently or should have to conduct business differently; it all should be fair across the board.  My view is that men and women are equal with equal rights, equal responsibilities etc.

What’s the future for CMJ Productions, LLC? CMJ Productions’ future projects consist of creating more short to feature length films that will open more job opportunities for local talent to be discovered.”


I will be talking about Carmen for a min; especially as we get closer to the film premiere of Gambling with Life. I need to find something to wear. Something comfy but glamorous dahlings. I do have to work the crowd.

If you have a #WCW story or a nominee, hit me an email at rubyleonne(at)gmail(dot)com. Now I won’t promise they will be featured, but most likely.

Until then love each other,