Where Have I Been?

It’s August 3rd and I’m sure you’re wondering why I created so much fuss over the past few days. Welp, cause I decided to start blogging again and what month is the PRIME month for my to restart…by birth month.

I’ve missed and loathed blogging at the same time but recently had a nagging in my mind to start again. This time I’m blogging with no expectations. I’m blogging without the notion to be competitive or to make money or to receive Internet status or fame or push an agenda or business. I’m just kinda here. Just rambling and venting about things going on in my life and the things happening nationally and globally.

Where have I been? Just hanging out. Being super lazy and unmotivated. Unchallenged. Really I’ve been just lurking on the sidelines viewing what everyone else is doing. Like double dutch waiting for someone to tag me in, but at the same time hoping no one does for fear of falling on my face. I’ve been jumping into this and that, not really going forward with any plans or finding a place that feels like a perfect fit. (Let me say publically, ANYONE who I’ve let down, brushed to the side, or not followed through with I apologize.)

“I read Ruby Leonne when the original blog launched. What will be different about the new blog?” Welp, the new blog will not be a plus size fashion blog. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a plus size woman who likes clothes, so I will feature some plus size and body positive post. But I’m also going to post so many other things. I’m going to post my journey into finding who I am and trying to find my other brothers and sisters (a future post believe me it’s a hoot). I’m going to post my journey with my physical and mental health and addictions. I’m going to celebrate being a woman and a women of color. I’m going to celebrate (or bitch about) my community both local, national, and global. And I’m going to do it all on my terms. No schedule. No expectations. Unapologetically.

AND the crew is back! Marta Rivera and Takia Harrow are back to share what’s going on in their lives as well as their communities in Puerto Rico and in Indianapolis. We also have a new edition to our team. Dary-Lee Lander has joined the crew and we welcome her with open arms.

I would love for you to read our blog. But I also understand if you don’t. We will cuss. We will cry. We will discuss topics that are uncomfortable even to ourselves. We won’t show pretty photoshopped pictures or give bossness with every post. But this blog is a part of our journey as women. If you want to take a ride with us, we love the company.


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Thanks! I’m excited about telling my story this time; the journey I’m going on. You should blog it’s therapeutic. I still had issues showing my big belly on Facebook. HAHAHAHA the vulnerability is scary, but I have to just sit in it. It’s okay to be vulnerable. I have to tell myself that daily and blogging is the way to overcome it for me. DO IT!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Congrats on the (Not so) new blog! I’ve enjoyed the first two posts! I’ve been talking about blogging for years and have never done it but today I feel encouraged and motivated. Thanks for your return. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.

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