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Body Positive Movement ~ Where Do I Fit In?

As I was ending my blog a few years ago, I struggled with being known as a “plus size blogger”. Not that I viewed it as a negative connotation, it was that I struggled with the Body Positive Movement (BPM). Not for reasons that you think. I know immediately you started cursing me in your mind. Janelle ain’t shit if she’s not for BPM. Stop it! Stop it right now.

Let me tell you why I struggled with BPM. I wanted to lose weight. Yes, ten years ago (hell, more like 1) I would’ve said I want to lose weight so I can look like one of the Ashley Stewart models. But my reasoning for losing weight morphed into. I just want to be comfortable in my body. I want to move around without bending or cracking like a 70 year old. I want to walk around without breaking into a dramatic sweat or being severely out of breath.

Still have a ways to go till I hit my goals.
Still have a ways to go until I hit my goals.

But my losing weight mantra morphed one more time to a new cause…being healthy. I want to eat like a “normal” person. (I say normal because I’m a binge eater. I will talk about that in the near future.) I want to eat a diet full of veggies and fruits. I want to stop taking my Victoza shot (I’m a type 2 diabetic) every morning and digesting five different pills a day. I want to go through a week without binging. I want to do all these things and more. I realize once I start to adapt a healthy lifestyle, the side effect will be losing weight and this is what frightens me.

I’m in a Facebook group called the Body Positive Habitat. It was constructed by Curves Becomes Her blogger Aarti Olivia Dubey. (Read her blog it’s WONDERFUL. The group is wonderful too.) Another person was struggling with the same issue. She wanted to lose weight just for her. For the most part, she received positive responses. But there were still a few people who still saw that weight loss and the BPM didn’t compute.

BPM and weight loss to some is like oil and water; there’s no happy mixture of the two. I feared the backlash if I posted on my blog or social media that I lost 20 pounds or I reduced my pants size from a 26 to a 22. (Which I did! Boom!)  I felt ashamed to share because I felt I wouldn’t be reppin’ my plus size sistas anymore. But these are lies…ALL LIES!

You can be a part of the BPM and live a healthy lifestyle that may or may not result in losing weight. If you lose weight because of the lifestyle change and you want to celebrate it, then get your pom-poms out girl and you whip and nae nae all over the place.

In just reading the comments on the Facebook page I realized BPM means different things to different people, but the foundation of the movement is not allowing ANYONE (including fellow plus size women and men) to badger you about the decisions you make with your body.

So I’m letting all my readers know, I will be trying to give my body what it needs and that includes living a healthier lifestyle. I will be posting about some lifestyle changes I have made and will be making in the future. I will encourage others to become healthier. Notice I said become healthier, NOT lose weight. If I should lose weight, then yes I will celebrate it. If you want to celebrate in changes in your health you can do so as well.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and there are some things I hate, but that’s okay because there some things that I love. Everyday I’m dealing with the things I hate in a positive manner. Yes the things I hate may be ludicrous, but it’s my baggage. I’ll get through it by thinking more positively about my body.

~ Janelle