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Health Summit Comes to Miami

One of my new topics for Ruby Leonne is health. If you read my last blog, becoming healthy is very important to me. I want to be around as long as I can. It’s something I struggle with everyday. Hell, last night I tore up some Oreos. UGH. But if you live or will be in the Miami area August 16th, there’s an event you should attend.

"Transforming lives by reforming the mind, body and spirit!"
“Transforming lives by reforming the mind, body and spirit!”

MBS Reformers, LLC (MBS stands for Mind Body and Spirit) will be hosting The Laws of Health Empowerment Summit which will be held at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex on August 16th from 1pm to 6pm. This health fair will feature screenings for height, weight, BMI, body fat analysis, blood pressure, lung capacity, glucose, anti-stress massages, and more.

There will be organic and natural plant based food vendors on hand with free food samples, giveaways, lunch boxes, and lots of other free healthy goodies. Speakers and teachers will be giving workshops throughout the day explaining the eight Laws of Health along with teaching participants how to start their own gardens and composting systems.

How much is The Laws of Health Empowerment Summit? Well it’s FREE! Yes, all of this is free. If you live in the area, you really can’t miss this opportunity to start your health journey.

If you have any questions about The Laws of Health Empowerment Summit or if you would like to be a vendor or sponsor the event, please contact Bertha Campbell at And like MBS Reformers on Facebook.


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