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Recap of this Week’s Social Media

itd-friday-bitches-enjoy-yourself-rick-james-dave-chappelleYASSSS! It’s Friday! UGH I’m so freakin happy. I kicked off my weekend with one of the most brutal conference calls I’ve had in awhile. It may have been brutal because I’ve been fighting a migraine for a couple of days OR I’m just so bored with my job it brought on this migraine. But the conference call is over and I have a little over two hours until I blow this joint! GIVE US FREE!

So what happened in social media this week? Becky, Gabourey Sidibe’s character from Empire, had a sex scene this week and the Interwebs went crazy. Hate to burst your bubble, but um big gurls have sex. Lots of sex. With multiple people. With multiple genders. In multiple ways and positions. Deal with it. Everyone acting nuts like this is a new development. Um. No. Stop. The fact that we are even talking about this is ridiculous. I shall move on.

In other plus size news, Ashley Nell Tipton won this season of Project Runway. Congrats boo! I really tried to watch it. I really did, but with homework and my devotion to the Church of Rhimes kept me from it. I could’ve DVR’d it, but my DVR is about to explode with Spongebobs, American Horror Stories and PBS shows. It will probably die if I add anything else. What did you guys think of her line?

Social media fail this week: the mother who posted her child shaming video about her child’s hygiene and Facebook usage. Don’t look it up. You looked it up didn’t you? This woman should be investigated by DCS. Child shaming video are on the rise. Parents are finding alternative ways to discipline their children; public shaming is a new fad. People have to remember children are a product of their parents and surroundings. When they know right from wrong and start to make decisions, they take what they learned (or didn’t learn) and choose their own path. Should children be punished yes. Should children be cussed out, humiliated and called every name in the book on social media for the whole world to see by the person who is supposed to love and protect them no matter what? (Breath) NO.

Spike Lee’s trailer for Chiraq’s was dumped online this week and people are going HAM. The violence in Chicago (hell in Indianapolis and around the country) is a very serious situation. We are in a state of emergency. Lee’s new movie is supposed to be satire based off the Greek classical play Lysistrata and incorporating modern themes with the backdrop of Chicago. I need to read the play and see the movie before I hop on any bandwagons. Lee doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to certain issues, mainly how women are portrayed in his films. We shall see. Calm down, y’all. There are other battles out there to fight…LIKE THE VIOLENCE IN OUR STREETS.

Everyone have a great weekend. I plan on doing homework, catching up on my DVR and getting rid of this migraine. What did you guys see on social media this week?



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