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#WCW: World Conquering Women – Carmen

So my blog post have been sporadic. I know I know…consistency. I hope to start blogging at least twice a week. People that follow me on social media knows I got a new job with DreamStyle Media. Shortly after that my Granny took a turn for the worse and passed away last month. I’m going to do a post on Granny soon. Just not today. I already had my cry for today completing thank you cards from the funeral. Maybe next week.

Today we’re going to honor women everywhere and from now until I feel like I’ve exhausted all the glorious women of the world (never happen)…we are going to do a segment called #WCW: World Conquering Women. I’m surrounded myself with so many beautiful and determined women, I have to feature them. So in conjunction with DreamStyle Media, we present #WCW.

On this #WCW, we’re featuring screenwriter, producer and director Carmen Jameson, owner of the film productions company, CMJ Productions, LLC. I’m so excited to be working with Carmen doing publicity for her upcoming film, Gambling With Life. I got to ask Carmen some questions about her company and what drives her to be successful.

Name: Carmen Jameson


“My current occupation is an Eligibility Analyst for Hewlett Packard Enterprises. The company I own and cherish is  CMJ Productions, LLC where I serve as the CEO and founder. I started my company December of 2015.  I started my own company because it was a personal goal of mine. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs both father and mother side.  My story really go all the way back to my great cousin named Gletus R. Hardiman which was my grandfather, Horace Hardiman’s, first cousin and a book titled: “Hole in the head: A life Revealed”.  A story that talks about a medical experimentation that affected my grandfather and his siblings.

As you can see I am destined to be successful. My goal now is to tell a different story. The beginning chapter starts with being exposed to the “bad” or “ugly” side of life.  I grew up in a under privilege neighborhood on the west side of Indianapolis.  Later my family relocated to the far east side of town where we experienced more drug activity and violence; anything you would want your children to be shielded from.  I’m grateful those things I was exposed to birthed something inside me, which was writing. Closing myself off inside a nice quiet space to write inside my personal diary was a way for me to take a mental break due to my reality being so chaotic. Poetry became my first love because the words I transferred onto paper came from a place of pain.


I set forth a goal and vision for my company way before I became a company. My Mission {is to} to bring awareness of the greatness that is inside of each human being by providing an avenue of self-discovery, self-development and supportive connections through the arts within CMJ Productions, LLC.

Female mentors? I have two female mentors, Darlene Burns author of “Midnight Comes with the Dawn”. She’s what I call a true philanthropist. Stacy Fox-Uwadie, genuine soul, motivator and exhorter to those around her. I admire the energy of love and support these two women embody.


Would you label yourself a feminist? Yes, I would label myself as a feminist because I do believe women should have the same opportunities that are given to men.  I don’t see where women should have to be paid differently or should have to conduct business differently; it all should be fair across the board.  My view is that men and women are equal with equal rights, equal responsibilities etc.

What’s the future for CMJ Productions, LLC? CMJ Productions’ future projects consist of creating more short to feature length films that will open more job opportunities for local talent to be discovered.”


I will be talking about Carmen for a min; especially as we get closer to the film premiere of Gambling with Life. I need to find something to wear. Something comfy but glamorous dahlings. I do have to work the crowd.

If you have a #WCW story or a nominee, hit me an email at rubyleonne(at)gmail(dot)com. Now I won’t promise they will be featured, but most likely.

Until then love each other,




Wanna contact Ruby? Email her at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.

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