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WCW: World Conquering Women – Michelle

Happy Wednesday!

Last Wednesday RL views soared due to #WCW: World Conquering Women. We’re going to keep it going. Remember if you know a woman that’s conquering the world, no matter how big or how small, submit her to be featured.

This week RL, in conjunction with DreamStyle Media, is featuring entrepreneur Michelle L. Anderson, president and CEO of Lovelogical. Lovelogical is a non-profit organization that promotes blended families. Anderson and the organization believes the words: blended, foster, step, adopted and extended families can have negative connotations. The word Lovelogical reinforces positivity to all families biological or non-biological.

I asked Michelle about her life, mission and what Lovelogical means.

12208524_1092409287449969_7925714584533933469_n“I, Michelle (Donelson) Anderson, was born into a blended (Lovelogical) family. My mother, Phyllis, had 4 children from a previous marriage. My father, Lonnie, raised my siblings with the same fatherly love given to me.

I did not even realize my daddy was not my siblings biological father until I was around 7 or 8. The only way I found out was because I overheard a conversation and asked questions.  My mother informed me that rather we had the same biological father or not we are brother and sister. Not half anything. My father was and will always be daddy. There were no step parents in our home.

The look in my mothers eyes instilled her lessons within me.  It stuck and remained a part of who I am today. Little did I know this would be my first experience with Lovelogical – My home, my family, was a Lovelogical union.

My family was filled with problems and issues like other families. However, we had an overabundance of love. When my siblings reached adulthood and moved out of the house my mother decided to utilize the space to help others.

At first, she opened a licensed day care center with some of the kids becoming more like her own than children she was watching for their parents.  My mother found that one of the day care kids was being taken away from her parents. Somehow this encouraged my mother to start the process of opening our home to foster children.

Through the years we had many foster children join our household. Some stayed for a brief period of time. Others long enough to learn life lessons that stayed with them until adulthood. Some stories joyful and others sad. Either way their lives changed through the love received within my parents home and my mothers arms.”

Lovelogical8Why did you start your foundation? “I truly want to irradiate negative thoughts and feelings begining with the words step, foster, play and adopted. There are so many positive and caring Lovelogical families and pets.  Love is by choice. DNA NOT REQUIRED®”

What is the goal of your foundation? “To see the word Lovelogical define non-biological relationships worldwide. To see it be a symbol of unconditional love for not just families, but businesses and pets too.”

Who is your female idol/mentor? (Dead or alive) “My mother who is deceased. I idolize her because she knew what genuine relations and love was all about. Without Phyllis there would be no Michelle. That is enough within itself for me to idolize her.”

Do you consider yourself a feminist? “Yes, I am a balanced feminist. I believe in the successes and activism of women. Will advocate for fair wages and equal rights in many instances. Primarily corporate America. I also believe in women supporting the growth of men and not overpowering their men at home. A future conversation.”

What projects are in your future? “Lovelogical Pets coming soon.”

Lovelogical is a client of DreamStyle Media. I’ll be working with Michelle and her organization very closely. You’ll hear a lot more from Lovelogical. In the meantime, if you are in a Lovelogical family and would like to learn more about the organization or have your Lovelogical story featured in their blogs and newsletters, contact Michelle at info (at) lovelogical (dot) com.

Next week’s #WCW: Blogger & Entrepreneur Nichole Lewis


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