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What I bought this week…

So lately I’ve been buying something just about every week. I can do that, I just paid off my car. #nojudgementzone I’m going to post things I happen to buy while I’m out and about.

The pictures will be raw. Sometimes in my backyard. Sometimes in a fitting room. Unpolished. No makeup. Just me. Of course I’ll post pics of me slaying and being fierce, but I’m not fierce all the time. I’m only fierce like 10% of the time. Maayybbee 5%. Life is not a photo shoot.

Notice it’s called “What I BOUGHT this week”. I bought these things with my money. I’m not sponsoring or endorsing anyone. Now if people want to start throwing clothes at me to feature…by all means…DO IT! Thank you in advance.

1044080_1026925430701381_1578754568202114201_nI got my hair did this week. The woman taking care of my locs is Uzuri Asad of Mayasa Design Studio. Uzuri and her family are little rays of sunshine and getting my hair done is like chillin at a cousin’s house. But not only does she do hair…NO…she has the nerves to do jewelry too! And she hooked me up to her clip on earring scene.

Now I’ve had my ears pierced three times. They close up. One time in college, I lost my post inside of my ear. Literally my body just absorbed the earring like water on a paper towel. As I got older, I just resolved to not wear earrings…cute ones anyways. I can hardly ever find cute clip ons. Until now! Almost ALL of Uzuri’s earrings can be made into clip ons. She made the cutest ones last week and she converted them while I waited. So now I have an earring goddess. I’ll never let go.


I also bought the cutest necklace from her last month. I’ve been wearing the heck out of this necklace. Her little ones made the paper cone. Love it. Want to look at more of Uzuri Asad’s handmade pieces, go to Mayasa Design House’s website,


I got a new job in January and I really need to step my business attire game up. My mother is a Dress Barn fanatic. Of course, I wasn’t trying to hear her. “That store is for old ladies, Mom.” But she took me this week to look around. I have a book tour in April and May with one of my clients, and I needs me somethings to wear.

To my surprise, I bought five dresses. One on clearance and the others I put in layaway. Yes, I said layaway. Do not hate! While some of y’all using crazy amounts of credit. I’m trying to be more practical and pay my cards off. Don’t be a slave to credit. (enough on that crazy) This clearance dress was originally $60, but I bought it for $24. Yeah boyee. I love it! And it has pockets…AAAAAHHHH! (just trying it on… outfit not complete)



Dress Barn has a dress sale until the first weekend of April. Get there and put some stuff in layaway. And if you’re really nice, the cashiers may hook you up with the 20% coupon code even if you don’t have the coupon. Ask and be nice. And no I’m not telling who cause I ain’t no snitch.




Wanna contact Ruby? Email her at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.

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