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WCW: World Conquering Women – Nichole

Happy last Wednesday of March. Hello April, y’all! I’m so excited for spring. The trees and are blooming. Birds chirping in the morning. The bugs….well not the bugs. I’ve already seen the biggest mosquito I’ve ever seen in my life. Mosquitoes love me too. I think because there’s more space to conquer. Not sure. But time to start investing in my bug spray.

Enough of my chatter, in conjunction with DreamStyle Media, I bring you this week’s #WCW: World Conquering Women. I’ve know Nichole for awhile now through a mutual friend. I just knew her as someone super awesome in the hair and beauty field. Since she’s started her blog, WhimsNichole, I’ve been overwhelmed by her talent. Nichole answered my #WCW questions for the week.

janellepic2Name: Nichole Lewis

Occupation/Foundation/Company: I do many things! Lol! I’m a Blogger, Minister, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Professional Hair Designer/MUA (makeup artist). I’m VERY active in EVERY one of those aspects!

When did your blog, WhimsNicole, begin? Even though WhimsNichole.com was launched last month, the project was in the making for almost two years.  It took time, and strategic planning to map out how I wanted my content to be displayed.  After prayer, thinking, and burning the midnight oil, WhimsNichole.com was finally launched on February 16, 2016!

logo-dec2“I started WhimsNichole.com because I wanted a place where my creativity could be free.  My goal was to not only have creative freedom for myself, but to also use my blog as a platform to help others by showcasing their unique talent and abilities.  It’s also to help create an “I can” attitude and hopefully inspire my readers to try new things.  I always say, “If you have good information you should share it” and what good are gifts and talents if you don’t share, or use them to help others?”

“I use a play on words to describe my multi-fascinated personality, and even as a child I was led by a creative and caring mind.  I would see something beautiful and think, “I can make that”. Or see someone hurting and think, “I want to help them” and I’m thankful that God blessed me with gifts to be able to help, inspire, and create.  I’ve been using those gifts for over 7 years within Ministry, Life Coaching, and through my inspiration workshop “Love Thyself.”; a workshop that I started over 6 years ago that focuses on helping women to see and love themselves as Christ sees and love them. The same gifts flow within my hair and makeup artistry, and I feel very blessed to be able to integrate them all in order to be a blessing to others.  All of those gifts including sewing, cake decorating, and my love for people make up  who I am. I love being able to share what God has given me to the world.  I’m also a wife, mother, and animal lover who truly loves my family. I can’t thank the Lord enough for what He has done, and doing in my Life.  I love to laugh and I spend a lot of time cracking jokes, but that’s only because I love to see people smiling and happy.”

Who is your female idol/mentor (Dead or Alive)? Wow, that is a very hard question because I’ve been blessed to have some amazing women in my life; but it would be a mixture of my aunt, Hazel Kelly, and an awesome woman named Michele Ware.  My aunt taught me how to be an me2assertive person and how to find and use my voice.  I met Michele Ware while working in a spa many years ago.  She traveled the world, met amazing people, but was tangible. Her encouraging words from back then are still helping me to this day.  Michele taught me that being gracious is a choice and within that choice lives the blessing.  I love them both.

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Good question, but another hard one because the word feminist can have a totally different meaning; all depending on the person. When compared to early feminism, 2016 feminism has changed drastically because women have come a long way.  Now, just because I say this doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant of the fact that there are still some gender equality issues, nor do I feel that just because woman have made some awesome strides that we should stop empowering women, but ultimately empowerment should be based upon humanity, and not just on being “female”.  I believe we should positively invest into others, regardless of gender, in hopes that our efforts would create unity within this world, and potentially rise up stronger more grounded leaders for our society.   So, am I a feminist? Maybe yes, and maybe no.  It truly depends on the perception of the word.

What projects are in your future? There are some amazing projects coming up, but I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise because I will be blogging about them. I will say that I’ll be working with some amazing people within the community to help bring awareness concerning wellness.  I also have several speaking engagements in the works and some future classes coming up.  Once again, I can’t go into detail, but all upcoming event information will be posted on my blog WhimsNichole.com and social media platforms.

Nichole is available for speaking engagements, life coaching and special events. Her Love Thyself workshops can be taught at your church or organization’s function or event. For more information about Nichole Lewis, her WhimsNichole blog and her Love Thyself workshops, contact her at whimsnichole1 (at) gmail (dot)com.

Next Week’s #WCW: Samantha Pounds

Remember if you want to nominate yourself or someone for #WCW: World Conquering Women, email me at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.


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