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#WCW: World Conquering Women – Nicole

Yes, last week I forgot to post the #WCW: World Conquering Women for the week. Heck, I almost forgot today. Grinding. I’ve met so many new people within the last few weeks it’s unreal. Everyone with their stories and everybody on their grind. My circle is not changing…it’s upgrading and I love it!


Today’s #WCW is Nicole Kearney, Writer/Producer/Director, Chief Creative Officer of Nicole Kearney Productions, Inc. I met Nicole while working on one of our client’s PR campaign. She has her hands in MANY projects including a just announced 2017 Mother’s Day production in collaboration with Demarco Plays. More on that in the near future.

Name: Nicole Kearney

Occupation/Company: Writer/Producer/Director, Chief Creative Officer of Nicole Kearney Productions, Inc Nicole Kearney Productions, Inc. was founded in 2008 in Indianapolis, IN with the vision to be a global entertainment company that creates and distributes original content for stage, screen and streaming.

Nicole Kearney“My Great Grandmother Ruth P. Fox used to take me to Broadway plays and musicals as a child. When I turned eight, she gave me a diary, a Ziggy diary. She saw in me my future. She set me on the path to my purpose. My parents, Dennis and Virginia Kearney made sure I stayed on path. They sent me to writing classes, camps and continually encouraged me. They never told me that being a writing wasn’t a ‘real’ career. I’m eternally grateful for this. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Them, my brothers and sister and children support and encourage me.

I started my company after years of working with theaters and self-producing plays and a documentary. I knew I’d be growing into various media arenas and wanted to have an infrastructure to handle it.”

Who is your female idol/mentor? (Dead or alive) “My Great Grandmother Ruth (deceased) my mom, Virginia Kearney and my Grandmother Doris Wilburn. Business wise – Issa Rae, Numia Perrier of Black & Sexy TV, both are at the forefront of the digital streaming media explosion.”

Do you consider yourself a feminist? “I consider myself a womanist, as coined by Alice Walker.The definition is ‘pertaining to a type of feminism that acknowledges the abilities and contributions of black women. Believing in and respecting the abilities and talents of women;acknowledging women’s contributions to society.”

NK_Network(new)What projects are in your future? “I’ve launched an online streaming TV network, Nicole Kearney Productions Network (NKPN) at youtube.com/nicolekearneyproductions, we’re streaming shows that people want to watch, when they want to watch them. Couple Conversations Season 1 and Tax Season are streaming now. Blazing up 4/20 @ 4:20 p.m. is Kush Cafe series. In July, Couple Conversations Season 2 begins. In August, Grown & Beautiful, our sexy & steamy soap opera debuts. Rounding out the year is The Underground Lounge, an unscripted show featuring hip hop artists and poets from around the globe.”

“We ask people to Watch. Share. Subscribe. as we work to bring more diverse and more female driven stories to the African American community.”

You can follow Nicole and Nicole Kearney Production Network online on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and her website nicolekearney.com.

Don’t forget if you want to be featured on #WCW: World Conquering Women, contact me rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.



Wanna contact Ruby? Email her at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.

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