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#WCW: World Conquering Women – Ronic

Happy Wednesday! Doing some work and watching the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. I love this show…but maybe last season was better. I’m on episode seven of a mini binge. We’ll see what I think of it once I’m done.

Today’s #WCW is someone I’ve known since high school. I remember when we (with the aid of my Mom) skipped school thinking we won McDonald’s Monopoly million dollar prize. LOL. We didn’t but it’s one of my favorite memories of high school.

Ronic West is a woman always on the move and is a constant advocate for small business. For these reasons, and more she’s today’s #WCW.

Name: Ronic West

Occupation/Business: Entrepreneur|Consultant|Community Advocate & Founder of R3unlimited, LLC. R3Unlimited was founded in 2014.

Ronic West is a single mom of a college student who has worked in corporate America forDSC_1492-2 over 20 years.  She loves being at the beginning of a new development, solving problems, and helping others to achieve a higher goal through process improvement. Her experience is diverse and includes payroll, implementation, project management, leadership, business process improvement, consulting and she as a strong essence for helping others. In 2009, she help to create R&R Photography coaching her business partner through branding and networking to grow her first business which she sold to her partner so she can focus all efforts on R3unlimited, LLC which was established April 13, 2014.

Ronic is originally from Indianapolis, IN, but also resided in Memphis, TN and currently lives in Augusta, GA. She holds a fundamental payroll certification, six sigma & lean processing training, experiences in Kaizen, and also graduated with a degree in business. Ronic created R3unlimited, LLC with the idea of helping others. R3unlimited, LLC as a truly unique concept on helping entrepreneurs through branding, consulting, and management. R3unlimited, LLC is here to provide a way to structure a sound business from conception through our resources and expertise.  Our unique component is we provide opportunities to beginning entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs in building their business through education, workshops, events, networking, online store, and the opportunity to acquire multiple streams of income for business costs and start up. R3unlimited will eventually grow into a full scale venture capitalists firm that will be your expert in non-traditional funding.

7907f26cd3b32b9b58d848cffb632a91_143463185499054Ronic held her first two networking events with a twist in 2015 hosted by the Real Momma Dee from “ATL’s Love & Hip Hop”. One was held in Atlanta, GA and the other in Augusta, GA. This included people in her network from the states of Tennessee, Indiana, and Georgia. She as a natural gift of being able to bring like minds together and help them grow. Ronic is also the Communication Executive for the Young Democratic of Richmond County and sits on the Trustee Board for the Richmond County libraries. She was awarded, in January 2015, $1000 grant from the “Worth the Investment Initiative” from Arnita Johnson CEO of AMB Credit Services and received an Shero in Business awards in March of 2015 from Cher’s Best Sisters Only club for her efforts in the community. Ronic will be featured in Urban Release (national online magazine) and CSRA local (Local print magazine) first quarter editions released in early 2016. This as all occurred in less than two years of being in business. R3unlimited, LLC goal is to be you’re behind the scenes specialists and their philosophy is no limits.

Ronic understand that her life experiences, knowledge, and expertise is truly unique and her life will be used to help individuals and businesses grow. Ronic knows that if you first believe, plan, then work anything is possible. Yes adversity will come but if stay focused she promises you will hit your goals.  She lives her life of the principle of “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Why did you start your company/foundation/project? I realized after working my heart out in corporate America for 20 years that somethings will never change and I would never reach my true potential. This was a hard wake up call and difficult to accept. We as African American women face many challenges which including but not limited to over being worked/under paid, undervalued, discrimination, and lack of promotional opportunities. This is truly why African American women are currently the fastest growing entrepreneur group. I started my company to challenge the status quo among venture capitalist, show you can be a socially conscious company, and still be profitable. Now I will take all my knowledge, expertise, and skills and acquire more knowledge to ensure this trend continues. Even though we are leading in education and business growth we are doing this with extremely limited to barely no resources when compared to other ethic groups and R3unlimited, LLC is here to change that.

What is the goal of your company/foundation/project? To be one of the top venture capitalist firms owned by an African American woman in the country.

Who is your female idol/mentor? (Dead or alive) I currently don’t have an idol or mentor, but I am truly inspired by the following business owners: Arnita Johnson-Hall owner of AMB Credit Consultants, Dionna Owens owner of Sewnatural, Amanda Williamson owner of Ennyluap, Andromeda Raheem Founder of Women by Choice, LLC. These women are all business owners I have encountered over the last nine years; they reached their goals no matter the adversity in their lives. Some of them boot strapped their businesses which is how R3unlimited is being built. These are stories I can personally relate to. These women entrepreneurs prove anything is possible if you put your mind to it and if you never give up no matter what comes your way.

Do you consider yourself a feminist? No but I am an advocate of women empowerment.

What projects are in your future? Continued growth and R3unlimited will co-create it’s first women empowerment event this year.

Last words? If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

You can follow Ronic on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram at @r3unlimited and her website.

If you want to participate or nominate a woman for #WCW: World Conquering Women, email rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.


Wanna contact Ruby? Email her at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com.

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