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Remember the 90’s? Well Do You?

Last Saturday I went with a couple of friends and my sister to the “Remember the 90’s” concert featuring Keith Sweat, SWV, Mint Condition, K.C. & JoJo with special guest, Whodini, MC Lyte and Silk. Did I get them all? One. Two. Three. Six. Seven. Yeah, whew that’s all of them. When we heard this line up was coming, there was absolutely no question of whether or not we were going. The question was…when we getting tickets?

Okay, so I wanted to be comfortable and it was hot, so I wore one of my fairly new Lane Bryant maxi dresses. Back story. I haven’t bought anything from LB in a while. One. My credit card is finally paid down. Two. I’ve honestly been unhappy with their quality and prices. I loved this dress and decided to give LB another shot. It was on sale.

Did LB do me wrong? YES! The night of the concert, I noticed on a few areas of the dress the fabric are so thin you can see right through it. I can see the areas becoming holes if not properly cared for. It’s mainly on the black stripe of the fabric. This was only the second time wearing the dress and you don’t see it on first glance. But people this dress was $90! I did get it for 40% off, but still. I stopped going to LB the last time because I got a shirt with sequins and don’t you know the sequins fell off as I took the shirt out of the bag. Ugh.

I showed my friend at the concert. Her response…“that’s why I don’t *$#@ with Lane Bryant”.

I love the dress though. The quality…ugh..Lane Bryant, we have to do better.


Dress: Lane Bryant Sandals: Payless Shoe Source Necklace: Charming Charlies

So now the concert. It was GREAT, but it had it’s highs and lows. It was super long. We left at 1 a.m. and it still wasn’t done. Keith was still begging on stage. He sounds like a pervy uncle by the way. But hey…everybody loves Keith!

Highs: K.C. & JoJo with special guest which was another member of Jodeci. I’m still sketchy on which one it was…Devonte’ or Mr. Dalvin? I don’t know, but I almost passed out from jammin’ to 90’s Jodeci: the greatest male R&B group of all time but fell off because of their personal issues. Which brings me to my lows…

tumblr_m12kroHnpH1qa9yvvo2_r1_250K.C.’s piggyback ride on the security’s shoulder as he sang “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”. I can’t deal with his grown ass clenching the security guard with his feet. Like I can’t. It reminded me of that Dave Chappelle skit when he was Puff doing “Making the Band”. Make a secondary or longer stage. I still can’t.

So they’re done with the Jodeci portion of their set, and K.C. & JoJo leave for a moment. They comeback and start with their finale, “All My Life”. I have no idea what happened from song one to song 10, or if they didn’t do rehearsals, or if they’re not prepared for the touring life or if they got some candy back stage…BUT the last song was HORRIBLE. Couldn’t carry a note or a tune. Many of us in the audience was like…what the hell?

I wish SWV was on the stage longer. They barely touched their catalog. I would rather see more of them and less of MC Lyte. I love the Lyte, but her performance was really uneventful. She did some of her earlier hip hop and left off her party anthems, like “Cold Rock a Party”. She also did a shorten version of “Ruffneck”, but the whole version and then some of “Georgie Porgie”. I would’ve liked to see that time go to another act.

Mint Condition needs to tour on their own. I could listen to them all night. Whodini made me want to do the Kid N Play…but I got too much on top to be bouncing around like that.

Overall it was a wonderful concert. I’m still considering the New Edition, Dru Hill and Kem concert during Indiana Black Expo. I’ll be in the house for 93.9 The Beat’s throwback concert with Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Color Me Badd and ’em.

I can’t believe it’s been 25-30 years for some of these acts. Whew…I’m getting old. What throwback concerts are you going to this summer?



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