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Lane Bryant’s Perfect Fit Bra Event

So this past Saturday, my Mom and I went to Lane Bryant to exchange some jeans I purchased online.

Side Note…I’m 5’6 people. I don’t wear heels. Since when am I considered petite? Lately I’ve been exchanging/returning pants because of the length. It’s super annoying. I get average length and I’m still stepping on the hem. Like they’re covering the bottom of my feet! I haven’t shrunk. Anyone else having that issue? Okay rant over!

Lane Bryant had their “Perfect Fit Bra Event” weekend. “No Mom we’re just going to pop in and pop out.”  We were in LB for over an hour. Only I go into Lane Bryant to exchange $22 clearance jeans and walk out with a $151 purchase on my now overstuffed Lane Bryant credit card.

The girls at the Greenwood store in Indiana are so damn friendly. Brooke hooked my Mom and I up with a bra fitting. I found out I was wearing the wrong size, of course. I’m not alone. Did you know 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? 80 percent! So when I put my girls in a lovely ‘F’ cup, they felt so perky. I’ve been wearing ‘Double D’s’.

I walked out with a bra for me, one for my Mom and five pairs of new panties (three for me and two for the maternal unit).


Yes, I know what you’re saying, you spent $151 for two bras and 3 pairs of panties…a GOOD bra may run you a little bit of change (and they had to return and then re-ring my jeans). But if you have the funds, it’s totally worth it. Not only did my new bra turn out to be a wonderful “over the shoulder boulder holder” (see the movie “Beaches”), but it slimmed my waist line a bit.

If you can’t spend a lot of money on a bra (and typically I can’t), it’s still helpful to know your correct bra size. Real Simple Magazine has a great and easy way to measure yourself at home. Or pop into your local Lane Bryant or other favorite plus size retail store and ask it they will give you a free bra fitting. Your boobies and back will thank you!

20161106_082426Real Talk…everyone knows that today is Election Day. I’m not going to scold you about voting. Just make sure you do. Make your voice heard in ALL the elections. I can’t wait until it’s over…if I see one more attack ad I swear fo…. Look for an election post this week.




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